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D3L Productions: Message In A Garment

Saturday, August 31, 2019 – 7:00 PM – AVC Performing Arts Theatre Lancaster, CA

Message in a Garment tells the story of Elijah, Mya and Adil, three adolescent children in the foster care system, who are all frustrated by their current conditions. Elijah feels he must protect his younger sister Mya from hopes of ever being adopted. Mya is not fully accepting her reality and Adil, who has fallen from a privileged lifestyle, is having a tough time fitting in to his new environment. Together, Elijah, Mya and Adil endure the hopelessness of being orphans surrounded by statistical suppression, racism and street brutality. Faced with a questionable future, the trio are taught the greatness of their heritage from a stranger, Mr. Hekiema, through spirituality, fashion and music. Once educated, all three are equipped for success and find joy and empowerment.

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