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AV Performing Arts Theatre
Policies & Procedures

For All Our Audiences

The Theatre"s Ushers and House Staff are in attendance to help ensure every patron"s safety and enjoyment of the scheduled performance or event. Your presence in the Theatre indicates your willingness to abide by all Theatre policies and Staff Directives. We thank you for your cooperation.

The AVC Performing Arts Theatre reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Antelope Valley College COVID Protocals
All AVC Performing Arts Theatre patrons are required to wear face coverings, regardless of vaccination status. You are required to wear face coverings at all times while indoors in compliance with current Los Angeles County Live Performance guildelines for events under 5000 patrons. 

Cameras, Recording Devices and Personal Electronics
Cameras of any kind, video recorders and audio recording equipment are prohibited in the auditorium, and may be confiscated for the duration of the performance. Please deactivate or silence all cell phones, pagers, watches and any other personal electronics before entering the auditorium.

Food and Drink
Food and drink consumption is limited to the lobby and outside courtyard areas. No food or drink, with the exception of bottled water, is permitted in the auditorium.

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, or the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited on the campus of Antelope Valley College.


Daily parking permits can be purchased at the parking lot kiosk in eack lot.

For Our Special Needs Patrons

Assisted Listening devices are available at the House Manager"s desk in the Theatre Lobby prior to each performance. Wheelchair accessible seats are located in rows A, K and Q. If you require wheelchair access, we recommend that you order tickets by phone or mail. For mail orders, mark the "Wheelchair" box on the order form and indicate your seating row preference. For additional assistance, please call the AVC PAT Box Office at (661) 722-6580.

Our Box Office Policies & Procedures

Ticketing Policies
All ticket sales are final - no exchanges or refunds. Tickets will not be replaced, refunded or exchanged if lost, stolen or destroyed. Tickets are only valid for the performance dates and times for which they are issued. All programs, dates and times are subject to change. Tickets are valid for a single individual"s entry to the venue and are not transferable after initial use.

Black Box Theatre Ticketing
Please purchase tickets for the Black Box Theatre events at the AVC Performing Arts Theatre Box Office during regular Box Office hours, or at the Black Box Box Office ONE (1) hours prior to the event.

Will-Call Service
Will-Call Service is available. Please indicate that preference at the time you place your order, or call the box office for assistance.

Box Office Hours
The AVC Performing Arts Theatre Box Office is open One hour prior to each performance. The Box Office closes thirty minutes after the scheduled start time of each performance. No late admissions without a ticket.

Late Arrivals
Late arrivals will be seated at an appropriate break in the program, as pre-determined by the program"s Presenter or Producer.

Some events may not be suitable for young children. All children must have a ticket for admission to a performance. No infants, please.

For Our Presenters (both on-Campus & Outside Rental Clients)

1. These rules are provided for the AVC Performing Arts Theatre user groups and outside rental clients which utilize campus facilities. Additional rules and policies may be adopted and enforced as appropriate.

2.      ALL Producers will be held responsible for all actions by their visiting group(s) and are responsible for providing their performers and staff with all policies, procedures, rules and regulations enumerated herein.

3.      Any outside producing company (not an AVC sponsored event) must provide a Two Million Dollar Certificate of Liability Insurance with Antelope Valley College Performing Arts Theatre named as an additional insured. Said certificate must be provided to PAT Management prior to facility occupancy.

4.      Any and all deposits agreed upon when booking the Theatre must be paid at the time of booking unless agreed upon by the Producer and PAT Manager. Acceptable methods of payment include cash, cashier’s check, business check, VISA, MasterCard.

5.      The securing of any and all exhibition rights to any protected intellectual property, including the payment of any and all royalty payments, is the sole responsibility of the show, program or event Producer. The Producer hereby indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless Antelope Valley College and/or The Performing Arts Theatre, including their employees, agents and assigns, from any and all actions arising from any dispute of any nature regarding exhibition rights and the payment of any royalties.

6.      Requests to postpone and/or re-schedule any show, program or event must be made prior to fourteen calendar days in advance of the first date of proposed Theatre occupancy (whether load in, rehearsal or actual event date) or an invoice will be generated to cover the Theatre"s cost of scheduled labor.

7.      ALL production materials, technical riders, contracts, etc. MUST be received NO LATER than 2 weeks prior to the first day of venue occupancy (whether load in, rehearsal or actual event date). All media to be exhibited in conjunction with any performance or event (music, videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) must be received by the PAT Tech staff no later than 72 hours in advance.

8.     With regard to Catering and Hospitality, all campus-sponsored events are required to offer right of first refusal to Pacific Dining, our on-campus food service supplier.

9.      Without exception, load-in of any and all production-related materials must be conducted through the PAT loading dock, and not via the facility"s front doors.

10.  The producing company will not obstruct any portion of the entries, hallways or stairs, including access to building utilities. Any instruments, instrument cases, props, set pieces, etc. must be stored as directed by the AVC PAT Staff.

11.   For the safety of the facility and the producing company"s personal property, there will be no plugging in of personal electronics or other electrical devices backstage without permission and supervision of PAT Technical Staff.

12.  The producing company will not permit smoking anywhere on the Campus premises. Smoking onstage is only permitted as part of a performance and ONLY when PAT Management approval has been obtained in advance.

13.  Animals (other than seeing-eye / certified service animals) will not be allowed in the Theatre for any reason other than use in a production or related promotional event. Approval must be obtained from PAT Management prior to bringing animals onto the property.

14.  NO weapons are allowed on the AVC campus. ONLY replica weapons may be used in a production. Clearance must be obtained through PAT Management and weapons must be inspected and documented. Notice must be sent to the VP of Student Services that said replica weapon(s) are being used in the production.

15.  ABSOLUTELY NO food or drinks of any kind are allowed inside of the auditorium except bottled water. This includes candy, gum and other beverages (even if contained in a sealed container). The AVC Performing Arts Theatre has a sophisticated and expensive in-floor air handling system that is subject to extensive damage from spilled liquids or debris. Any user groups or outside rental clients violating this rule will be responsible for the repair of damages incurred. Please limit food and drinks to the green room (PA 114) or the table area located in the scene shop. If water is needed backstage, onstage or in the dressing rooms, it must be in a sealed, spill-proof container.

16.  NO alcohol is permitted anywhere in the building unless prior arrangements have been made through the theatre Management and alcohol permits purchased through the PAT/ AVC Foundation. Additional fees may apply.

17.   ALL concessions will be provided by the AVC Performing Arts Theatre Management. NO outside concessions may be sold by any other party (AVC group or other outside Producer) unless agreed upon by the Producer and PAT Management in pre-production meetings. This includes the sale of wine and beer. Souvenir or promotional sales must be agreed upon by the Producer and PAT Management in pre-production meetings.

18.  Any products, paraphernalia, souvenirs or merchandise of any sort sold on the Theatre premises are subject to a 20% gross sales fee payable to the Theatre. The terms will be agreed upon by the Producer and PAT Management in pre-production meetings.

19.  Parking fees are the responsibility of the patrons or Producer ($1 per day with passes obtained at automated dispensers on campus). Parking is free on Saturdays after 4:00 p.m. and all day on Sundays.

20. There is no parking in the PAT loading dock area without prior approval.

Production Procedures

21.  No performers or production personnel are permitted in the facility unless accompanied by their Instructor or Producer.

22. The producing company will provide identification and/or complete lists of all persons to be allowed into the backstage area. This list must be provided at the beginning of the load-in. The PAT Management reserves the right to restrict backstage access. No person will be allowed backstage without proper credentials. (i.e.- Name badge, wristband, etc. to be provided by the PAT Management)

23. It is the responsibility of the Producer or producing company (whether an AVC sponsor/ faculty or outside rental client Producer) to provide their performers, staff and all personnel with the rules that the producing company have set forth for their production. These rules may be in addition to the Policies and Procedures as set forth herein, BUT may NOT conflict with the Policies and Procedures set forth by the PAT Management.

24. In the event a Company policy is in conflict with any of the Policies, Procedures or Rules of the PAT, the PAT’s Policies, Procedures or Rules shall prevail. If the Producer requires additional personnel to enforce any Policies, Procedures or Rules, the Producer will be responsible for providing these additional staff members through their organization or group. With a minimum of seven (7) days’ notice, PAT can provide additional personnel at a rate of $25/hour/person. These fees will be due and payable with the final payment of the rental fee.

25. To keep each production running smoothly and with a minimum of confusion or misinterpretation, all lines of communication should go through the PAT Manager/Technical Director who will then delegate to the appropriate staff member or volunteer. This includes stage crew, backstage crew, house staff, ushers, box office or any other staff members provided by the AVC Performing Arts Theatre.

26. No “outside” theatre staffing will be allowed. All theatre staffing is at the discretion of the Theatre Management, utilizing trained professionals from the approved AVC staffing pool. The ONLY exception may be a Production Stage Manager/ Cue Caller. If the producing company is providing their own Production Stage Manager/ Cue Caller, that information must be communicated to the PAT Technical Director during the pre-production meeting and he/she must follow the rules set forth by the PAT Technical Director. The Production Stage Manager must meet with the PAT Technical Director prior to theatre occupancy to sign off on the PAT guidelines and for a brief orientation.

27.  Performers and production personnel are to remain backstage prior to and during a performance. Exiting from the back hallway into the lobby or house is not permitted. If a performer or any member of the production team exits from the back hallway into the front of house area, they must exit the building via the lobby doors, and re-enter the backstage area via the designated artists" entrance.

28. Performers and production personnel may not access the house / auditorium from the stage either before, during or after a performance unless specifically instructed by their director, producer or an authorized AVC PAT staff member.

Production Procedures
Personal Property

29. Antelope Valley College and / or the Performing Arts Theatre, including their employees, agents and assigns, are NOT responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal property brought onto the premises of the Performing Arts Theatre. This includes, but is not limited to, personal belongings, production materials, costumes, props, and musical instruments. Producers and producing companies bear final responsibility for communicating this policy to their performers and production personnel. A signature sheet outlining this policy and the limits of our liability will be provided to each show, program or event Producer. It shall be the sole responsibility of the show, program or event Producer to secure the signature of each and every member of their team, either performing or production personnel, that will occupy the premises. Said signature shall be deemed to acknowledge this policy and to indemnify and hold harmless Antelope Valley College and/or the Performing Arts Theatre, including their employees, agents and assigns, from any and all liability or responsibility resulting from the loss of or damage to performer or production personnel’s personal property. In addition, it will be the sole responsibility of the show, program or event Producer to deliver the fully completed and executed signature sheet to PAT management before load-in and Theatre occupancy may begin.

30. Antelope Valley College and/or the Performing Arts Theatre do NOT provide security for any personal property brought onto the premises by anyone. It is recommended that all valuables of any presenting company be locked in a locker in one of the two dressing rooms. Each performer or production team member must provide his/her own lock and all locks must be removed at the end of the production’s run. Any remaining locks will be cut off the day after the production has vacated the building, and any contents of any lockers will be turned over to campus Security. Antelope Valley College and The Performing Arts Theatre, including their employees, agents and assigns, assume no liability or responsibility for personal property left unattended.

31.  Antelope Valley College and/or the Performing Arts Theatre are NOT responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal property brought onto the premises by any outside Contractor whose services have been engaged by the producing company, entity or Producer.

Production Procedures
Front of House

32. The house opens thirty (30) minutes prior to show time (unless a different time is agreed upon by the Producer and PAT).

33. Under no circumstances will the performance begin or intermission end without clearance from the Theatre Manager or House Manager to staff, crew and/or performers.

34. Decorations or signs will not be placed in any rooms, hallways or lobby (with the exception of posting notices on existing bulletin boards) of the Theatre building without the permission of PAT Management. Expenses for the repair of any damages incurred by the violation of this rule will be paid by the user groups or outside rental clients responsible for the damages. Signage, displays or tables placed in the Lobby or courtyards must be situated in a such a way as not to block doorways, legal fire egress or visibility of the Performing Arts Theatre donor wall.

35. The Producer or producing group may provide a program for the Event. An ample amount of show programs for each performance must be provided. Said programs shall be provided at the expense of the producing company, entity or Producer. Programs should be folded and any program inserts must be stuffed prior to the programs being delivered to the Theatre.

36. Staffing for any Lobby or courtyard merchandise sales, raffle sales, sign-in stations or interactive displays are the responsibility of the Producer or producing company, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon prior to load-in.

37.  All performers and production personnel should be instructed as to which backstage entrance to use on the event day. Entry through the Lobby is not permitted.

38. Any planned entrances or exits through the house of performers or event participants must be communicated to the House Manager & Stage Manager no later than two (2) hours prior to the scheduled event start time.

Production Procedures
Backstage and Onstage

39. A Pre-Production conference is mandatory. It must take place no later than the end of the second week of the month prior to the month in which the event or show is scheduled. Among numerous other considerations, PAT management needs to determine the exact nature of the show or event"s needs in order to schedule sufficient resources for a successful performance. Failure or inability to schedule and attend said conference may subject the event or show to cancellation. And, per Executive Council meeting on 04/01/19, failure to attend a scheduled pre-production meeting will result in the event or performance being removed from the PAT schedule.

40. Changes to house rigging, lighting, sound, backstage equipment or other physical properties of the Theatre must be approved by Technical Director and performed by a qualified PAT staff member or approved (and supervised) AVC student. Only qualified and approved staff members may hang lighting, set pieces or anything else that will be flown overhead. Only approved staff members or approved (and supervised) AVC students may operate ANY Theatre equipment (fly systems, sound consoles, lighting consoles, personnel lift, etc.).

41.  The producing company will not be allowed to make changes to the stage floor unless pre-approved by the Technical Director. The producing company will be responsible for returning the stage floor to its original condition (with the exception of laying and removing Marley flooring).

42. Use of flames, smoke effects and pyrotechnics are prohibited unless pre-approved by PAT Management/ Technical Director. The producing company will be responsible for any permits, fees and additional personnel needed for pre-approved effects.

43. The California Code of Regulations, Title 19, Division 1, Chapter 1, Section 3.08 states that "all drapes, hangings, curtains, drops and all other decorative material, including Christmas trees, that would tend to increase the fire and panic hazard shall be made from a nonflammable material, or shall be treated and maintained in a flame-retardant condition by means of a flame-retardant solution or process approved by the State Fire Marshall, as set forth in California Code of Regulations, Title 19, Division 1, Chapter 8."

Additionally, Section 10.3.1 of the National Fire Protection Association Code - Section 101 states that "where required by the applicable provisions of the Code, draperies, curtains, and other similar loosely hanging [Bold emphasis and underlining added] furnishings and decorations are to meet the flame propagation performance criteria contained in NFPA 701, Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films."

Accordingly, all scenic pieces, decor, props, banners, etc. brought into the PAT must be either inherently fire-proof, flame retardant or treated with a topical solution to ensure their flame-retardancy. Any non-compliant materials will not be allowed in the building.

44. The use of atmospheric effects (haze, fog or dry ice) must be discussed and approved in the pre-production meetings between Producers and PAT Management.

45. The stage layout of any show, production or event must conform to the established dimensions of the PAT stage with all masking soft goods in place.

46. When the orchestra shell is in use, it will be placed in the proper orientation for the stage, tethered to the grid for safety and cannot be moved.

47.  A work day shall be defined as a period not to exceed ten (10) consecutive hours between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Each four (4) hour period will include a fifteen (15) minute break for the staff. A meal break of not less than sixty (60) minutes must occur after four (4) consecutive hours of work. If the schedule will not permit a sixty (60) minute meal break, then the staff must be provided with a hot meal of their choosing at the Producer"s expense. The break will then be no less than thirty (30) minutes. During the staff"s meal break, the stage will be totally dark and no work will occur.

48. Any show or event of more than ninety (90) minutes duration must have an intermission to occur no later than sixty (60) minutes into the program.

49. The AVC PAT Management reserves the right to determine the maximum sound level for any event inside the Theatre.

50. The AVC PAT Management reserves the right, in conjunction with prevailing fire and building & safety regulations, to determine the maximum allowable number of performers on the stage.

51.  All sound checks and all technical set-ups (including photographic and video) must be completed thirty-five (35) minutes prior to curtain time. Please note, audio line feeds terminate in an XLR plug.

52. NO glitter may be used in ANY way, for ANY purpose anywhere in the building without prior consent from PAT Management. Additional charges for glitter remediation will be assessed to the producing entity and may be substantial.

53. Under no circumstances can anything ever be placed in such a manner as to block the pathway of the fire curtain.

54. Video camera placement will be subject to approval of the PAT Technical Director. In the event a camera is set up in a space designated for ADA access and compliance and said space is subsequently required for disability seating, AVC PAT reserves the right to relocate or remove the camera set-up. Under no circumstances may a camera set-up be located in house walkways, aisles or stairways.

55.  No cabling of any sort may be placed in the house / auditorium without the approval of the Technical Director or Theatre Manager.

56. The main focus and sole responsibility of the AVC PAT"s technical staff is the successful execution of assigned duties in regard to the live event. While the AVC PAT"s technical staff is eager to help and be of service, the recording or broad-casting over the internet of any show or event is the sole responsibility of the show or event"s production team.

57.  The PAT Technical Director reserves the right to be the sole and final authority to judge the safety of anything and everything on the stage. Further, it shall be his/her right and obligation to interrupt, stop or even cancel any rehearsal, performance or event until such time as the unsafe factor or condition is corrected.

58. Owing to severe space limitations, load-out of all production related materials must take place at the end of each performance or event. Unless prior arrangements have been made with PAT Management, any production materials or equipment left in the facility beyond the end of the engagement are subject to disposal.

Production Procedures


59. The PAT Box Office requires a minimum of six weeks advance notice to provide ticketing support services.

60. Paid admission seating configurations are as follows:

a.      All Assigned Seating by row and seat number

b.      Sectionalized Assigned Seating at multiple price levels, by row and seat number

c.      All General Admission / Open Seating

d.     Reserved area of seats for Assigned Seating by row & seat number, with remaining seats Open Seating (i.e. Assigned Seating in Orchestra section & Open Seating in mezzanine)

61.  Events presented free of charge will not be ticketed. All seating for such events will take place on a first-come, first-served basis.

62. Minimum ticket price is $8.00. In addition, fees of between $1.00-2.00 per ticket are assessed on all tickets purchased by credit card, and a fee of $.50 per ticket is charged to the Producer by our outside ticket vendor. These fees may be passed on to the patrons if desired. These fees are in addition to the Ticketing set-up fee.

63. Tickets may be purchased on-line, by phone or in person at the AVC PAT Box Office. AVC PAT does not “hold” tickets without payment.

64. Complimentary ticket lists must be provided 48 hours in advance of the event.

Proceeds Disbursement

65. AVC Production Groups MUST have a deposit account established with either Business Services or the AVC Foundation into which ticket proceeds can be deposited.

66. Non-AVC Producers will receive a check from the AVC Business Services Department within 4-6 weeks of the close of the event for any ticket proceeds due. User must provide a current completed Federal Form W-9 for payment to be issued.

Production Procedures


67.  In order to meet the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and California State Law SB 105, and because we believe everyone deserves to be able to fully participate in all aspects of Life at Antelope Valley College, we are mandated as an institution to provide closed captioning for all multimedia exhibited in the Performing Arts Theatre. It is the responsibility of the Presenting individual or organization to guarantee that all multimedia to be exhibited in the PAT is closed-captioned for the deaf / hard-of-hearing.

68. We require that all multimedia to be exhibited to be submitted to Technical Director no later than 72 hours in advance of the start of an event in order for Management to verify the captioning. Content submitted after this deadline will not be exhibited. There are no exceptions.

69. It is the policy of the Performing Arts Theatre that, upon a request five business days before an event, reasonable accommodation will be provided to facilitate the participation of covered individuals with disabilities. The cost for said accommodation will be passed along to Rental Clients, and either assessed as an additional charge, or deducted from any final settlement.

Amended June, 2021

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